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Fresh Juice Delivery LLC ® REGISTERED TRADEMARK is a premium juice company in Beverly Hills & Los Angeles that squeezes and or presses exotic natural fruits and vegetables without preservatives and delivers them to your door. We know it takes a lots of time to stock healthy vegetables and fruit while dealing with the hassle of learning how to juice or having to clean a juicer. We take the work out of enjoying a vitamin rich glass of pure juice. Why put impurities in your body if you don't have to! We've developed a Membership Juice Club where you can have juice dropped off at your door daily, weekly, biweekly or monthly.

Fresh Juice Delivery service was created by Ms.Summers originally from Virginia now in Beverly Hills California. She grew up with a family who own a small farm. "There is a huge difference in quality and taste with home grown produce. When I was a little girl I'd grab a tomato off the vine or climb our mulberry tree and just eat whenever I got hungry..." Being a woman who was constantly having to deal with anemia caused by bad menstrual cycles, she discovered the art of juicing for healing. She realized that finding therapy through freshly pressed leafy greens and the most beautiful deepest red garden fruits resulted in faster healing than pills from a doctor. Being a single woman in Los Angeles, she also saw a need when she got ill to have someone deliver the highest quality juices without preservatives and it was impossible to find. "Who wants to be a burden on their friends to run out to the store?" There are always reasons to use a natural juice delivery service. Frresh Juice Delivery also comes in handy if a loved one isn't able to shop for themselves. She found juicing to be a passion and would provide exotic juices to her friends and their friends and now you! Sign up now and Let's get the ball rolling.

If you need an extra boost in your day order Fresh Juice Delivery now! The fastest way to get your five servings of vegetables and fruit! Fresh Juice Delivery is available for you or your loved ones. Send the best "get well" gift basket of Freshly Squeezed Juice. Perhaps you are having a party and want only our exotic blends pressed or squeezed by hand. Plan ahead for a cozy breakfast in bed wake up to Fresh Juice Delivery everyday, don't delay start your juice subscription today! Be sure to tell a friend.