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healthy heart juice

Healthy Heart

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Love your heart! Relax sit back and taste all the goodness of a healthy heart juice! We've combined celery juice which is known for lowering blood pressure and calming the nervous system with its organic alkaline minerals. This blend also contains Cabbage and Broccoli juice a chemical found in these vegetables can boost a natural defense mechanism to protect arteries from disease. We have also added an essential nutrient hawthorne berry which has fights free radicals and assists with cardiovascular health. Be prepared to taste the yummy Asparagus Juice because it has lots of folic acid and other natural phytonutrients that lower your risk for heart disease. We have also added asparagus juice to this heart healthy elixir because of its ability to prevent hypertension and cancer. To top things off we can't make a juice for the heart without having the Olive family!

Broccoli, cabbage, parsley, and more!
Healthy Heart juice shipped express mail. Shipped in glass bottles or in our Plastic Bottles for reduced shipping cost. Includes insulated boxes and ice packs.
 : Visible juice separation is normal, Healthy veggies will settle to the bottom of the bottle.


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